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Wordish documentation

Wordish can test wordy shell documentation.

For an administrator or a developer, many operations are carried out via a command line interface, also known as a shell. The list of examples is endless and includes for example:

  • source version control, software packaging or deployment,
  • disk partitioning, raid setup or volume snapshots,
  • network and firewall setup, remote administration or load balancing tunings.

Wordish is a script which executes a shell session parsed from a documentation in the restructured text format, then tests and builds a report of the execution. The documentation should contain the commands and the expected outputs, Wordish takes care of comparing the expected results with the actual output of the execution of the command to make sure the documentation is correct.

Reader’s guide

  • Administrators will find the few rules and installation procedure in the page How to write an article. The page Limitations and roadmap shows the direction of the project.
  • Anyone curious of how Wordish is designed may be interested in the Interfaces,
  • For the brave Python developper impatient to propose a feature patch, a bug report and a fix, the page describing the Organisation will hopefully help him get started.

Project ressources

Wordish uses github for source control, documentation and bugs. Deployment is done via the Python package index.